EDPO UK’s headquarters are located in the heart of London, next to Trafalgar Square. 


As your UK GDPR Data Protection Representative, EDPO UK acts on your behalf in the UK for UK GDPR purposes.

EDPO UK LTD is a private limited liability company, incorporated in the UK. Our headquarters are located in the busy centre of London, next to Trafalgar SquareOur office is in a vibrant location, surrounded by the city, in a beautiful, restored building with typical high ceilings and a stunning old-fashioned entrance.  

If you want to appoint EDPO UK as your UK Data Protection Representative or if you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our international team members via e-mail at info@edpo.com.    

You can also contact us via our Contact form here or read more about the UK Representative services here 

Our other group company, EDPO, is located in Brussels and can act as your EU Representative. We also have offices in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sofia and Dublin.  


8 Northumberland Avenue

London WC2N 5BY


Company number: 1294556

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