EDPO’s Bulgarian representation offices are located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria

As your EU GDPR Data Protection Representative, EDPO acts on your behalf in the entire EU/EEA for GDPR purposes. We are a privately-held Belgian limited liability company and our headquarters are located in Brussels. Our other offices are in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Paris and Stockholm.

As confirmed by the Guidelines of the European Data Protection Board, your EU representative must be established in one – and only one – of the Member States where the data subjects whose personal data your company processes are located. If you process personal data of individuals who are located in more than one EU/EEA country, you can choose in which country you wish to appoint your EU Representative.

Our offices are established within 500 meters of Bulgaria’s Sofia Airport. Located within the Ibis Hotel, our modern office space is easily accessible for domestic, national and international visitors with convenient routes into the city center.

If you want to appoint EDPO as your EU Data Protection Representative in Sofia or if you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our international team members via e–mail at info@edpo.com.
You can also contact us via our Contact form here or read more about the EU Data Protection Representative services here.