EDPO’s fees for GDPR representative services are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

How much does it cost to designate EDPO as your company’s GDPR Data Protection Representative in the EU?

Our GDPR Data Protection Representative fees are based on the size of your company (in terms of number of employees), the type of data (regular data and/or sensitive data) that your company processes, whether or not your company’s processing operations require regular and systematic monitoring of individuals in the EU and whether your company processes personal data on a large scale.

All packages can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

All fees include the following services:

  • The handling of an unlimited number of requests from individuals (data subjects) in the EU
  • The handling of an unlimited number of requests from the data protection authorities
  • The storage of a copy of your Record of processing activities on a plartform which has the highest and most in-depth security certification (ISO27001)
  • Assistance with the handling of an unlimited number of data breach notifications
  • The right to use EDPO’s contact details and logo on your website and on other company material
  • The right to use the EDPO Compliance Certificate which is based on Blockchain technology
  • Alerts on relevant GDPR-related news and developments regarding your company’s compliance with the GDPR
  • Translation of requests and replies (from the initial language into English, and from English back to the initial language)



Our fees are all-inclusive. No hidden costs. No surprises.


Here’s an indicative list of our EU GDPR Data Protection Representative fees*:

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WPCS 2.1.5

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Additional fees may apply in case of processing of sensitive data.

The fees are payable in upfront annual payments.