Belgian Economic Mission to the United States – June 2022

June 22, 2022

Jane Murphy

EDPO participated in the Belgian Economic Mission to the United States in Atlanta, New York and Boston (6 to 11 June):

After a successful economic mission in London last month, EDPO participated in the Belgian Economic Mission to the US last week. Another great opportunity to raise awareness on the GDPR ’s forgotten obligation to appoint a Data Protection Representative. We attended events in memorable locations in Atlanta, New York and Boston, including an insightful seminar on data governance which was held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). New windows are opening for data and privacy. “What is my data going to do for me today”? will be the next big question to ask. The continuum between impersonal and personal data is blurring and privacy actors will need to reinvent their job every day. 

The sectors of life sciences, fintech, regtech, AI, and many more were also on the pedestal during the week. Our founder Jane Murphy was given the opportunity to tell EDPO’s story during the New York FEB Luncheon in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium, which included discussions on the future of transatlantic data transfers. We also discussed female entrepreneurship at two events in Atlanta and New York and met with fabulous leaders such as Dr Ilham Kadri (Solvay).

An intense week that will no doubt trigger more collaboration between Belgium and the USA in the years to come! 

Thank you and all organisers who made this mission a great success!

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