What the GDPR means for US Sponsors of Clinical Trials in the EU and in the UK

Why you most likely have to appoint an EU and/or UK data protection representative in order to avoid sanctions under the GDPR

Does the GDPR apply to your clinical trials in the EU and/or in the UK?

  • Are you a US-based sponsor with no establishment in the EU and/or the UK? 
  • Do you conduct clinical trials in the EU and/or in the UK?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you most likely fall under the scope of the GDPR and have to appoint an EU-based and/or a UK-based representative for GDPR purposes.

GDPR and Clinical Trials: Key considerations for US Sponsors

The GDPR has changed the way personal data is handled in clinical trials. Find out what you need to know as a US sponsor about the impact of the GDPR for your clinical trials in the EU and in the UK. There are currently approximately 400,000 clinical trial studies...

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How can EDPO help you?

As your GDPR data protection Representative, EDPO will provide you with the following services (which are all included in our annual fees):

  • The handling of an unlimited number of requests from individuals (data subjects) and from data protection authorities in the EU and/or the UK
  • Assistance with the handling of an unlimited number of data breach notifications to the data protection authorities in the EU and/or the UK
  • The storage of a copy of your Record of processing activities on a platform that has the highest security levels in Europe (ISO27001)
  • Translation of requests and replies (from the initial language into English, and from English back to the initial language)
  • The right to use EDPO’s contact details and logo on your website and on other company material
  • The granting of the EDPO Compliance Certificate
  • Alerts regarding relevant GDPR-related news and developments

Get your Compliance Certificate

  • Lets customers know that your company is accountable and that your compliance with Article 27 of the GDPR is verifiable
  • Creates trust and provides security
  • Informs your business partners that your company complies with the EU’s data protection standards and allows for greater business opportunities
  • Provides your company with a competitive advantage
  • Reduces risks of heavy sanctions that can reach up to EU 20 million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is highest
  • Guarantees authenticity by use of the Smart Certificate™ technology

EDPO helps your US business grow while

protecting EU and UK customers